Terre Haute Ind. Sunday April. 9th 1882

The meeting was called to order at the regular hour.

Worthy Master Fox occupied the chair. The roll of Officers was called after which the minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.


Appreciation of membership

The following appreciation for membership were read:

James Tiley - Age 23 - Residence Carbon Ind.

The appreciation was referred to a Committee consisting of Bros. R. Ebbage, M. P. Lautz and H. E. Davis for investigation.


Report of Committee

The Committee in the investigation of D. H. Davis reported favorably and the candidate was balloted for and elected to membership in the Order.



A report of the Grand Lodge from Sept. 1/81 to April 1/82 giving a beneficiary statement and also a statement of the financial condition of the Order was read and ordered placed in file.


Report of Officers

The Financier submitted his quarterly report for the quarter ending April 1st 1882 as follows:

Total Receipts -- $357.85
"     Disbursements --   336.30
Balance on Hand -- $ 21.55
Amt standing net   $30.50
Report of Delinquents
The following members were suspended for non-payment of dues:
A. Shoemaker, E. M. Sherburne, Elmer Sherburne and Alonzo Hunt.
The following bills were allowed:
Grand Lodge -- B. of L.F. -- Stationery        $7.00
Same   Beneficiary Register 3.00
James Smith -- Financier -- P.Stamps         3.00
Same Assessments 3 & 4   1.00
Martin Krauss Dues 50¢ & Assessments 3 & 4 --$1.50
Withdrawal Cards
John Haggart applied for a final withdrawal card -- owing to his intention to go into the liquor business. Granted by a unanimous vote of the Lodge.
The Lodge then adjourned.

Close of the regular meeting April. 9/82

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