Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Mar. 12th 1882

The Lodge met in regular session.

Grand Instructor Stevens was called to the chair and presided throughout the meeting.

The roll of Officers being called the minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. Albert Bugh submitted an application for membership -- Age 30 years -- Residence Terre Haute Indiana -- Occupation Locomotive Engineer.

          The foregoing petition was referred to a Committee consisting of Brothers Bennett, Kleckner and Cronin for investigation. The Committee of Investigation to whom had been referred the application for membership of Henry Wolfenberger -- Richard Dykeman and Will Clatfelter reported favorably thereon. The report was accepted. the candidates balloted for and elected to membership.

The following withdrawal cards were presented for deposit:

J. A. Hayes of Industrial Lodge No 21 dated Feb. 21/82
Leroy Killmer
Jan. 31/82

        The foregoing cards were balloted for and Bro. Hayes & Killmer were elected to membership in Vigo Lodge No16

        The following bills were read and allowed:
James Smith Financier - Death Assessments No 1 & 2 - $1.00
Same - Stationary      

Bros. J. McGarrahan -- Wm Larr -- Martin Krauss were suspended for non-payment of dues.

Brother Milton Lantz was appointed Conductor of the Lodge to fill the place of Charles Bissell expelled.

Withdrawal Cards

Brother C. J. McFarlane applied for a Final Withdrawal Card. He having applied for a card on the 1st day of December. his dues having been paid to that time -- and the Lodge having failed to grant the same.

On motion of Bro. Debs the dues of brother McFarlane for Jan. and Feb. -- amounting to $1.00 were remitted and a Final Withdrawal Card granted him. The members of the Lodge paid $1.00 for his March assessment to the Grand Lodge.

The Relief Committee to whom had been referred the position of J.M. Brannin for sick benefits reported in favor of allowing the said brother $15.00 .The report was concurred in.

The propositions for membership of John E. Cromwell John Crowe -- C. H. Ring and J. E. Viquesney were declared forfeited owing to their failure to present themselves for admission.

The "Good of the Order" was then discussed and the matter of the magazine was taken under consideration.

A circular was read from the Grand Lodge in which all Lodges were requested to secure 20 more subscribers in order to reach a circulation of 7000 copies for the Magazine.

Instructor Stevens made a proposition to the Lodge to donate a Brotherhood Chart to every member who would secure three paid subscribers for the Magazine Agent of No16.

Brother A. J. Mullen made a proposition that if the prize for 1882 was taken by Vigo Lodge No16 each subscriber having secured three paid subscriber besides his own, be entitled to a chance for the prize -- provided he is a member of the Lodge.

The meeting then adjourned.

Close of the regular meeting Sunday Mch. 12/82

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