Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Jan. 22nd 1882

The Lodge met in regular session.

Worthy Master Fox occupied the chair and called the meeting to order at the appointed time.

On motion the rules were suspended and J. D. Early, an elected candidate, was admitted to full membership in the Order. Elijah Dodson application which was mitted at the past regular meeting was taken up and balloted for. The ballot being favorable the applicant was declared elected and being present he was admitted to full membership in the Order.

The withdrawal card of Frank Gross of Tippecanoe Lodge No 36 was presented for acceptance . The card was balloted for and the applicant elected to membership. He signed the constitution making him a member of the Lodge. The names of T. Monahan, L. Burgess, H. Greeson Fred Mullen and A. J. Mullen (applied) were presented for reinstatement. The applications were referred to a Committee consisting of Bros. Ebbage, James Dodson and William Lantz.

Brother Robert Ebbage preferred written charges against Brother James Everly for drunkenness on the 12th of January. The said charges were referred to a committee consisting of Brothers James Smith, John Benz, Wm Davis, Schumacher and Gross .

Al. Simmons and Edward Barrett were declared expelled for non-payment of dues. Death claims Nos 54-55 & 56 were ordered paid on a basis of $21.00 each. The by-laws read at the last meeting of the Lodge were read the 2d time. Art. 9. Sec. 1 of By-Laws -- making the monthly dues of members 50 cents per month for the six months ending July 1st 1882 was read and adopted. Art. 9. Sec. 2 making the meetings of the Lodge the 2d & 4th Sundays of each month and calling the same to order at 2 OClock P.M. sharp was also read and adopted.

The Lodge then adjourned.

Close of the regular meeting Sunday Jan. 22/82

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