Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Dec.11th 1881

The Lodge met in regular session.

Grand Instructor Stevens occupied the chair.

The minutes of the preceeding meeting were read & approved.

G. E. Viquesney applied for membership and Chas. Bennett A.Klickner and J.Southard were appointed to examine the applicant. Motion by Bro. Ebbage that in case of death of a member, that locomotives of members be draped in mourning for the space of ten days. Carried.

Motion by Bro. Smith that hereafter delegates attending the annual Convention of the Order, receive $500 per day while in actual service, for time and expense except for steamboat and carfare for which an appropriation would be made in presentation of the receipt. for the amounts so expended. Carried. The following members were suspended for non-payment of dues --: B. F. Mullen -- A. Hunt -- T. Monahan -- H. Grissom -- A.C.Quinces -- C. Bissell -- Wm Barr -- L. Burjees -- I. F. OConnell -- G. McGaughey -- J. Roman. The Lodge was presented with a beautiful altar cover by Mrs. I. M. Stevens wife of Instructor Stevens. On motion the gift was accepted and a committee consisting of Brothers Ebbage, Van Cleve and Raidy was appointed to draft resolutions of thanks.

The Lodge then adjourned.

Close of the Regular Meeting Sunday Dec. 11th 1881

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