Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Oct. 9th 1881

The meeting was called to order at 3 O'Clock P. M. Worthy Master O.E. Fox in the chair.

On motion the rules were suspended & the business of the Lodge taken up. The Rec. Sec'y reported that Fred Mullen and A. J. Mullen two members who had been expelled at the previous meeting had paid up all arrearages and wished to be reinstated. The Lodge then balloted for the two applicants and the ballot being clear they were declared reinstated to their former good standing. The Committee on the application of J. H. Van Cleve reported favorably. The report was concurred in and the applicant balloted & elected. He being present he was admitted to full membership in the Order.

The relief Committee reported that they had examined into the disability of Brother James Snabley. They also produced a certificate from Dr. W. H. Roberts to the effect that the said James Snabley was totally disabled in his judgement.A discussion arose and it was argued by several members that he was entitled to no disability clain owing to the fact that the said Snabley was disabled before the Order had adopted the disability clause. On motion of Brother Ebbage the foregoing matter was laid on the table indefinitely

The Committee on the application of Scott Cook and John Crow reported favorably. The reports were concurred in -- the applicant balloted for & elected.

The application of Chas. Mc Crea, James Bennett and Robert Johnson were withdrawn as they were not engaged as engineers at the times they made their application.

Brother Debs tendered his resignation as Chairman of the Com. of Arrangements for the 9th Annual Convention. The resignation was accepted and Brother A. J. Mullen appointed in his place. Brother Debs presented the Lodge with a Bible -- the gift of his sisters -- also two silk Book Marks the gift of the Misses Jeffers.

Resolution of thanks to the donors were introduced by Bro. Fred Mullen and adopted by a unanimous vote of the Lodge.

On motion it was ordered that hereafter the Lodge meeting should be called to order promptly at 2.30 OClock P.M.

The meeting then adjourned

Close of the Regular Meeting Sunday Oct. 9/81

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