Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Oct 2d 1881

The Meeting was called to order at the usual hour. Worthy Master Fox occupied the chair.

The minutes of the preceeding meeting were read and approved. Brother Debs made a statement regarding Brother Snabley to the effect that he was entitled to the total disability of the Order, provided that his disability was not brought about by his own immoral conduct. On motion of Brother Debs, the Chairman of the Relief Committee was directed to have a Physician examine Brother Snabley and report the cause, nature & extent of his disability, and report the same to the Lodge at the following regular meeting. Dr. Roberts was chosen as the Physician and on motion it was agreed that the Lodge pay his fee for such examination.The following applications for membership were read.

Albert Bugh -- Scott Cook -- Chas R. McCrea J. N. Van Cleve -- John Crowe -- Robert Johnson -- James Bennett.

A Committee of Investigation consisting of Brothers Ebbage, Scott and Brannin was appointed to examine into the wothiness of the applicants.

The following bills were read and allowed:

Schiller Lodge No 4 AOUW Hall Rent $6.00 for Quarter ending October 1st 1881 Grand Lodge B. of L.F. for 200 Receipts 75¢ .

Grand Lodge B. of L.F. for Death Claims No 43 & 44 on a basis of $19.00 each. Chas. Bennett -- Expense for attending as Delegate the 8th Annual Convention $100.00. On motion an assesment of $1.00 was levied on each member, for the payment of his expenses as delegate to the 8th Annual Convention -- payable on or before November 1st. It was also ordered that all members failing to pay the said asssesment at the proper time, stand suspended until such arrearages are paid.

The worthy Master declared E. McVick, Fred Mullen, Alex. J. Mullen and Fred Withbeck Expelled and Maritn Kraus suspended for non-payment of Dues.

On motion of Brother Debs a Board of Arrangements consisting of Brothers Eugene V. Debs, Charles Bennett, James Smith, Robert Ebbage and Edward Raidy was appointed to take full charge and make all necessary preparations for the 9th Annual Convention of the Order.

On motion of Brother Debs a Committee of three consisting of Brothers James Smith, Charles Bissell and Charles Scott was appointed: to make all preparations and arrangements for an annual Ball to be given by the Lodge.

Brother Fox appointed the following subordinate officers for the year 1881-82 -- viz:

    Warden Wm K. Larr
    Conductor Chas. Bissell
    Inner Guard Frank Smith
    Outer Guard Patrick Cronin
    Chaplain Robert Ebbage
    The Lodge then adjourned.

Close of the Regular (special) Meeting oct. 2/81

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