Terre Haute Ind. Sunday June 26/81

The meeting was called to order at 3 OClock P.M. Brother Raidy was called to the chair and presided throughout the meeting.

On motion of Brother A. J. Mullen the rules were suspended and the Committee of Investigation on the application of James Everly submitted its report. The report being favorable the same was accepted and the Committee discharged. The candidate was then balloted for and being elected he was admitted to full membership in the Order. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. Geo. McGaughey an expelled member applied for reinstatement. On motion Mr. McGaughey was reinstated with the lodge as a member in good standing. A bill of $1.00 for 100 applications for membership from the Grand Lodge was read and allowed.

Clel Vick - George Baiersdorf - J. D. Early - Fred Wood - James H. Reese - E. A. Stephens and John E. Cromwell applied for membership and (Messrs.) Bros. James Smith - Everly and Larr were appointed as a Committee to investigate the applicants.

Motion made that when the delegate to the 8th annual Convention is elected all member of the lodge may have the privilege of sending in their votes if they cannot be present. Carried. The Lodge then adjourned.

Close of the Regular Meeting June 26/81

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