Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Jan. 23/81

The meeting was called to order and Brother Southard in the chair. The Lodge being opened in due form, the rules were suspended and the Committee on the investigation of Charles Bissell reported. The report was accepted and the candidate was balloted for and duly elected. Messrs. Bissell and Stuart, both elected candidates were then admitted to full membership in the Order.

The roll was called after which the minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. A bill of D. H. Wright in the sum of (D. H. Wright) $300 and a bill of J. F. Jaunrit & Co in the sum of 45 cts. all for a photograph of the late Brother Wm P. Saunders were allowed. On motion $100 was voted for a Magazine for the year 1881 for Bro. J. Snabley a disabled member.

A. H. Kleckner & Chris Hunt applied for membership & Brothers Ebbage, Raidy and Albert C. Hunt were appointed a committee to investigate the character of the applicants. Brothers A. J. Mullen, J. H. Dodson and O. E. Fox were appointed as a permanent committee to act in conjunction with the visiting committee. Bro. James Smith was appointed as a committee of one to have Bro. John Brakes photograph enlarged & framed & hung in the Lodge Room. The Lodge then adjourned.

Close of the Regular Meeting Sunday Jan. 23/81.

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