Terre Haute Ind. Sunday January 9/81

        The Lodge met in regular session with Bro James Smith in the chair.

        The roll of members was called after which the minutes of the preceding meetings were read and approved. The committee on the application of Patrick Daley reported favorably and the report was accepted and the committee discharged. The Lodge then balloted for the Candidate and the ballot being clear the candidate was declared duly elected. Charles Bissell applied for membership and Thomas Grace, Bundy and McFarlane were appointed as a committee to investigate the character of the applicant. The report of the 7th Annual Ball was submitted - the net proceeds being $89.15. The report was concurred in and the committee discharged. Claims Nos 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 & 28 were ordered paid; the first three $1250 each and the last three $1500 each.

Bro. S. H. Quackenbush withdrawn from No 4, submitted his card in No 16. The said Brother was balloted for and duly elected. His card being accepted, was placed on file.

A bill of $600 for hall rent for quarter ending January 1st 1881 was allowed.

Close of the Regular Meeting Sunday Jan. 9/81.

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