December 19th 1880

The lodge met in special session.

Brother Southard in the chair.

Patrick Cronin an elected candidate being present was admitted to full membership in the Order.

The Lodge then acted as a committee of the whole and balloted for the following candidates admission, viz:

George Cook, Herman Ramme and Edward Sibley. The foregoing candidates, on ballot, were duly elected to become members.

The names of James OConnell and Thomas A. Burke were withdrawn by E.V. Debs by consent of the lodge. Paul H. Stuart and D. F. OConnell applied for membership and Brothers Raidy, E. M. Sherburne and Wm Dodson were appointed as a committee to investigate the

character of the applicants.

On motion, all committees on investigation, appointed previous to the last one, were discharged.

The meeting then adjourned.

Close of the Special Meeting Dec. 19/80

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