Terre Haute Sunday November 14th 1880

The meeting was called to order at 330 PM. by the Worthy Master, "Southard in the chair"

The meeting being opened in due form with the following named brothers present Mullen, Southard, Healy, B F. Mullen, Jas. Dodson, Flaherty, Sherburne, Frank Smith and Bro Cronin & Fox on Motion of Bro Mullen the rules were suspended and Mr. Kerns and Burgess candidates in waiting were order to be admitted.

The candidates were admitted in due form, after signing the register the Lodge was opened in due form.

1st minutes of preceding meeting were read and approved. Committee on Investigation of Henry Kuhn and O. E. Rady reported favorably, "term discharged"

Proposition of Geo. Cook & Geo. Hunt were read and referred to committee of three viz: Flaherty, B. Mullen & Jas. Dodson

After a general discussion talk for the good of the order the meeting adj.

Close of Regular Meeting Nov 14th 1880

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