Terre Haute Ind. Tuesday Evening Oct. 26/80

The special meeting was called by Brothers E. V. Debs, F. M. Mullen, H. E. Miller and Elmer Dearman and was held at the office of E.V. Debs G.S & T. 1100 Main street.

On motion, Brother Fred N. Mullen took the chair and presided throughout the meeting.

Brother Mullen announced officially that Brother John Brakes of No 16 had that morning been killed by explosion of his engine in the Vandalia yard and that the object of the meeting was to arrange for the funeral which was to take place at Indianapolis, the following day, where the remains were to be taken.

On motion of Brother Debs, a committee consisting of Bros Debs, Fox and C. E. Sherburne was appointed to draft the necessary resolutions of sympathy.

The various other committees were appointed after which the meeting adjourned in due form.

Close of the Special Meeting Tuesday Oct. 26/80

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