Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Oct. 10/80

The meeting was called to order at 3 oclock P.M. Worthy Master Southard in the chair.

On motion of Brother Ebbage the rules were suspended and the committee on the investigation of Elmer Dearman an applicant for membership reported. The said report being favorable the candidate was balloted on and duly elected.

Messrs Dearman Biletr and Lantz, elected candidates being present were admitted to full membership in the organization.

The roll was then called after which the minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. The committee on the investigation of James Gurney was granted until the next meeting in which to report.

On motion of Brother Ebbage it was decided to donate the full net proceeds of our annual ball of 1880 to the Grand Lodge for the liquidation of the Grand Lodge debt.

A general circular from the Grand Lodge was read containing the issue of Death Claims Nos 20-21 & 22. No action was taken in the matter. Bro. McGarraghan applied for one week's sick benefit. On motion of Brother Ebbage, Brother McGarraghan was allowed $500.

A bill of $1500 for music & a minister for the funeral of Brother Saunders was allowed; the full bill being $3000, the Knights of Pythias paid $1500 as their share - Bro Saunders having been a member of the said order.

A bill of $500 in favor of J. G. Heinl for floral decorations for Bro Saunders funeral was also allowed.

Messrs. J. N. Van Cleve, W. M. Dodson and Patrick Cronin applied for membership. Brothers Flaherty, Helms and McGarraghan were appointed as a committee to investigate the character of the applicants.

On motion Bro. James Smith was appointed as a committee of one with the privilege of appointing an assistant to solicit subscriptions from the members for the liquidation of the Grand Lodge debt.

Brother W. E. Miller was appointed as the ball committee of 1880 in place of Brother Saunders deceased.

Brother McGarraghan was appointed Warden in place of Brother Saunders deceased for the ensuing year, and was duly installed in that position.

On motion a committee of three consisting of Brothers Mullen, James Smith and Helms was appointed to secure a cabinet size photograph of Brother Saunders deceased and have it framed, craped and hung in the lodge room and that a bill for the same be presented to the lodge for payment.

John Maucourt an expelled member petitioned for reinstatement. The Fin. Sec. stated that Mr. Maucourts arreareage at the time of his expulsion was $6.50. On motion a Committee of three consisting of Brothers E. M. Sherbourne, Andrews and Bundy was appointed to see Mr. Maucourt and collect from him the sum of $500, this to be accepted as payment in full including Grand Dues for 1881 and that on payment of the said amount the petitioner would be reinstated.

On motion the Treasurer was directed to pay to the G. S & T. the Grand Dues for 1881 and that the same be charged up to the respective members.

On motion of Brother Debs each member of No 16 was appointed as Assistant Magazine Agent for 1881.

The receipts of the evening were $1450

The meeting then adjourned

Close of the Regular Meeting Sunday Oct 10/80

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