Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Oct. 3d 1880

The meeting was called to order at 3. oclock P.M. Brother Ebbage in the chair.

The committee on the investigation of Messrs. Andrews and Cronin reported favorably and the candidates were balloted on and duly elected.

Messrs. Larr and Adrews, elected candidates were present and admitted to full membership in the Order.

Elmer Dearman applied for membership and Brothers Ebbage, Flaherty & Bundy were appointed as a committee of three to investigate the applicant.

The committee on the investigation of Mr. Gurney was granted another week in which to report. A bill of $1.00 in favor of Oman Poxley & Co and also a bill in favor of James & McLery for $2.00 for crape & glues were allowed.

Brother Ebbage, on motion of Bro Mullen was allowed $3000 as his allowance for expenses to the 7th Annual Convention. Official announcement was made of the death of Brother Wm P. Saunders of Vigo Lodge No 16, who was killed on his engine in a collision on the Vandalia railroad September 24th 1880. A committee consisting of Brothers A. Mullen, Rugan

Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Oct. 3d "continued"

and Ebbage was appointed to draft appropriate resolutions of sympathy.

The Committee reported and the resolutions were adopted as submitted and the committee was discharged. A copy of the resolutions was ordered printed in the Locomotive Fireman Magazine and a copy presented to Mrs. Saunders, the widow of Brother Saunders.

The meeting then adjourned.

Close of the Regular Meeting Sunday Oct 3/80

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