Terre Haute Indiana Sunday August 22/80

The Meeting was called to order at 3 oclock P.M. Worthy Master Ebbage in the chair and the following members present, Viz:

Ebbage – Bennet - E. M. Sherbourne, James Smith, Fox, Benz, Haggart, Dodson, Flaherty, Wolfe, Southard, Debs, Rugan and Bundy.

The committee on investigation reported favorably on Messrs. Larr, Brake, Lantz and Haley applicants for membership. The four candidates were balloted on and duly elected to become members.

A bill $105 in favor of D. P. Cox for medicine furnished John Cleary an expelled member was allowed.

Harry Baugh an elected candidate being present was admitted to full membership in the order.

Edward Barrett an expelled member petitioned for a reinstatement.

The chair appointed Brothers Dodson, Fox and Bennett as a committee in the matter. On motion the committee was instructed to inform Mr. Barrett to pay in the amount of $300 on or before the last meeting in September and then he would be reinstated in due form otherwise the petition would not be granted.

The committee to whom was referred the

Sunday August 22d 1880 "continued"

petition of Wm Barr for reinstatement was instructed to collect $5.00 from Mr. Barr on or before the last meeting in September and that unless the said amount was collected on or before the said date the petition could not be granted.

On motion each of the preceding amounts were to include $100 for Grand Dues.

Installation of Officers

The following Officers for the year 1880-81 were duly installed, Viz:

Master James Southard
Vice Master Edward Rugan
Rec. Secretary Eugene V. Debs
E. M. Sherbourne Fin. Secretary
Treasurer James Smith
Conductor Chas. Bennett
Inner Guard Chas. Flaherty
Outer Guard B.C. Bundy
Chaplain O. E. Fox
Past Master R. Ebbage
Trustee Chas. Flaherty

The meeting then adjourned.

Close of the regular Meeting August 22/80

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