Terre Haute Indiana Sunday August 8/80

The meeting was called to order at 3.10 P.M. Worthy Master Ebbage present and in the chair. The following members answered to the call of their names:

Brothers Ebbage, McGarrahan, Bundy, James Smith, Southard, Debs, Mullen, Flaherty, Saunders, Cadle, Rugan, E. M. Sherbourne, Fox and also Bro Geo. McGarrahan of Lodge No 74.

The committee of the investigation of Messrs. Geary and Baugh reported favorably and the applicants were balloted on and duly elected to become members of the order.

Messrs. Wm Larr, John Brake, Milton Lantz and Samuel Haley applied for membership and Brothers James Smith, Southard and E. M. Sherbourne were appointed as a committee to investigate the character of the applicants.

On motion of Bro Debs a committee of three was appointed on ball; to have full control and power and have the appointment of all other committees and make all necessary arrangements for a ball to be given on Thanksgiving Eve. The Chair appointed Brothers Charles Flaherty, Wm P. Saunders and James Smith as such a committee.

Election of Officers

The Master declared the Election of Officers for the ensuing term in order.

The following Officers were elected, Viz:

Master James P. Southard
Vice Master Edward Rugan
Recording Secretary Eugene V. Debs
Financial '' E. M. Sherbourne
Treasurer James Smith
Magazine Agent Alex J. Mullen
Warden Wm P. Saunders
Conductor Charles Bennett
Inner Guard Chas. Flaherty
Outer Guard B. C. Bundy
Chaplain Orville E. Fox
Past Master Robert Ebbage
Trustees - Alex J. Mullen, W. P. Saunders & C. Flaherty.

The lodge then adjourned.

Close of the regular Meeting Sunday August 8th 1880

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