Terre Haute Indiana Sunday June 13/80

The meeting was called to order at the usual hour.

Vice Master Mullen in the chair and the following members present, Viz:

Mullen, Rugan, McGarrahan, Dodson, Southard, Flaherty, Fox, Debs, Grace, Sachs, E.M. Sherbourne & James Smith. The roll of members was called after which the minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

The committee on excursion asked for and was granted time until the next meeting in which to report.

It was moved and seconded that those members who owed $5.00 or exceeding that amount who paid $2.00 into the treasury on or before July 23d be declared square on the books up to August 1st 1880. The motion was carried.

It was moved and seconded that Brother Mullen be allowed a credit of $400 on his dues for the last 8 months service of his term as Financial Secretary. The motion was carried.

The receipts of the afternoon were $27.50

The meeting was then closed.

Close of the regular Meeting Sunday June 13/80

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