Terre Haute Ind. April 25th 1880

The meeting was called to order at 3.30 oclock P.M.

Brother Bennett in the chair who presided throughout the meeting. The followijng members were present: Bennett, James Smith, Debs, Mullen, E. M. Sherbourne, C. E. Sherbourne, Flaherty, Monahan, McVick, Bundy, Sachs, Fox, Saunders, Rugan & Dodson.

The committee on the investigation of Mr. Lahey reported favorably and that candidate was balloted for and duly elected to become a member.

Bro Saunders who had been sick 5 weeks was allowed $10.00 as sick benefits, by a unanimous vote of the lodge.

On motion of Brother Mullen, it was unanimously resolved to pay no further sick benefits in future unless the petition of the applicant be accompanied with a certificate from a physician.

Brother John Clarey was expelled from the lodge for defrauding brothers and violating the principles of the order.

It was moved and seconded that hereafter no property of the lodge be taken from the room without consent of the lodge. Carried. The meeting then adjourned.

Close of the regular Meeting April 25th 1880.

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