Terre Haute Ind. March 28th 1880

The meeting was called to order at 3.30 oclock P.M.

Worthy Master Ebbage in the chair and the following members present, Viz: Brothers Ebbage, Mullen, Debs, Saunders, Sachs, Fox, Monahan Southard, Dodson, Rugan.

          On motion the rules were suspended and E. M. Sherbourne's application for membership was read. The candidate being present was balloted on, and the ballot being clear he was admitted to full membership in the organization.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were then approved.

A bill of hall rent for Or [sic] ending April 1st 1880 was read & allowed.

Messrs Wood Helmes and Zora B. Biletr applied for membership and Bros E. M. Sherbourne, Monahan and Southard were appointed as a committee of three to investigate the character of the applicants.

The meeting then adjourned.

Close of the regular Meeting March 28th 1880

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