Terre Haute Ind Sunday March 14/80

The meeting was called to order at 3.30 oclock P.M.

Bro McGarrahan in the chair and the following members present, Viz : Bros McGarrahan, Southard, Rugan, Sachs, Bundy, Mullen, Manahan, Debs, John Smith, Sherburne, Clary, Dodson, Wolfe, Hunt, Fox and Cadle.

A bill of $300 in favor of George Fabre for taking care of Bro. Cadle during his sickness was allowed, also a bill of $150 in favor of R. M. Taggart for meals and lodging furnished S. M. Stevens was allowed.

It was moved and seconded that a committee of three be appointed to negotiate with Mr. Snodgrass and if that brother pay up his dues up to the time of his expulsion he would be reinstated at the next meeting of the lodge.

The chair appointed Brothers Rugan, Fox and Debs on the said committee.

Receipts of the evening were $23.75.

The meeting was then closed in due form.

Close of the Meeting March 14th 1880

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