Terre Haute Ind Sunday Feb. 8/80

The meeting was called to order at 3.30 oclock P.M. Vice Master Mullen in the chair who presided throughout the meeting. The following members were present: Bros. Mullen, Rugan, James Smith, Dodson, Saunders, Debs, Miller, Fox McVick and Wolfe.

The roll of members was first called after which the minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. On motion the lodge was allowed $100 for a years subscription of the Magazine for Bro. James Snabley, and a committee of one consisting of Bro James Smith was appointed to solicit subscriptions for Bro Snabley.

Mr B. C. Bundy applied for membership and Bros. Rugan, McVick & Miller were appointed to investigate the character of the applicant.

Brothers Hasbrook, Daley and Condiff were expelled from the order. Brother Snodgrass was also expelled. All on account of non payment of dues.

Death Claim No 15 was ordered paid. Amount $11.25.

The meeting was then closed in due form.

Close of the regular Meeting February 8th 1880

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