Terre Haute Ind Nov. 23d 1879

The Meeting was called to order at 3.30 OClock P.M.

Vice Master Mullen in the chair. The following members were present: Bros James Smith, John Smith, Rugan Sherbourne Mullen Haggart Debs Fox Dodson Flaherty also Brother Claywood of No 23.

On motion of Brother James Smith the rules were suspended and Apprentice John Cleary who was reported in waiting was admitted to both degrees of the order.

The committee of investigation on Messrs Burgees & McFarland reported favorably and the candidates were balloted for and elected. Mr Henry Sachs applied for membership and Bros Clary Rugan & Flaherty were appointed to investigate the character of the applicant.

Brother Flaherty moved that all members that are in arrears $1.50 or more Jan 1/80, unless a good excuse can be given will be expelled. Carried.

On motion the Lodge was closed in due form.

Close of the Regular Meeting Nov. 23/79

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