Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Oct. 26th 1879

        The meeting was called to order at 3.20 PM.

        Vice Master Mullen occupying the chair. The following Members were present, Viz: Brothers Mullen, Haggart, Fox, Rugan, Saunders, Debs, James Smith, Wolfe, McNutt and Brother Pritchard of Tippecanoe Lodge No 36.

On motion of Bro. Debs the rules were suspended and Mr Thomas Monahan, who applied for membership Sept 28th was balloted on and being elected was duly admitted to both degrees of the Order. Chas. McFarland applied for membership and Bros James Smith, Saunders & Wolfe were apptd as a committee on investigation.

A letter was read from Chas Snodgrass in which he apologized to Brother Benz for having slandered that brother. On motion of Brother Debs the expulsion of Brother Snodgrass was reconsidered, and that brother was reinstated to his former position as a member in good standing.

On motion of Bro Smith the Fin. Secretary was exempted from the payment of dues & grand dues from & after this date.

Brother Saunders asked for and was granted a traveling card.

The receipts of the evening were $13.50.

Sundry bills amounting to $1450 were allowed and placed in file.

The meeting then adjourned.

Close of Meeting Sunday October 26th 1879

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