Terre Haute Ind. Sunday Sept 28 / 79

Meeting called to order at 3 Oclock P.M.

Worthy Master Smith in the chair, and the following members present, Viz: Brothers J. Smith, H. N. Smith, Flaherty, Ebbage, Mullen, Debs, Wolfe, Benz, Withbeck, Cadle, Rugan, Haggart, Greeson, Saunders, Fox & Dodson On motion the rules were suspended and Mr John Smith was initiated to both degrees of the Order. The roll of members present was then called after which the minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. The committee appointed to try Brother Snodgrass for having used abusive language against Brother Benz reported that they had given Brother Snodgrass a fair and impartial trial, and that he had failed to apologize to Bro Benz as the committee had directed, and therefore the charges were sustained. After a protracted discussion Brother Snodgrass was declared expelled from the order. Mr John Cleary, Mr Thomas Manahan and Mr Louis Burgees applied for membership and Brothers Dodson Haggart and John Smith were appointed as a committee of investigation.

Brothers Debs, James Smith and Flaherty were appointed as an executive committee to make all arrangements for an annual ball, to be given under the auspices of the lodge, the coming season. A motion to incorporate our lodge was lost.

Brother Debs moved to adjourn the meeting for supper, and meet in adjourned session at 7.15 o clock sharp. The motion was carried. The lodge was then adjourned at 5.30 PM.

"Evening Session"

Meeting called to order at 7.20 oclock P.M. Worthy Master Smith in the chair and the following memers present, Viz: James Smith, H. N. Smith, Debs, Greeson, Rugan, Davis, Haggart, Benz, Saunders, Ebbage McVick, Fox & Mullen. A bill amounting to $2835 in favor of Brother James Smith for expenses incurred at the 6th Annual Convention as Delegate was allowed.

The installation of Officers next took place, and the newly elected Officers were installed into their respective positions for the ensuing term.

On Motion Bro Mullen was appointed as a committee of one to have new locks placed on our wardrobe.

The receipts of the evening were $2400

There being no further business before the lodge the meeting was adjourned at 9 o clock P. M.

Close of Meeting Sunday Sept 28/79

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