Terre Haute Sunday Aug. 24/79

Meeting called to order at 3.40 P.M. Members present were Brothers J. Smith Dodson Ebbage McVick Rugan Daniels Rugan & Saunders

The roll of officers and members was first called after which the preceding minutes were read and accepted.

The committee appointed to reprimand

Bro Hunt reported that they had carried out the will of the lodge, and on motion the committee was discharged. The committee appointed to adjust the trouble between Bros Saunders & Benz was on motion discharged. The committee on the investigation of J. Smith was not present, and on motion the report was deferred until the next meeting. Bros J. Smith and Saunders preferred charges against Bro Snodgrass for having used indecent language against Bro Benz. A committee consisting of Bros Ebbage Daniels Mullen Saunders & Rugan was appointed to investigate the matter. The election of officers was proceeded with and the following officers were elected Bro Ebbage as Master, Bro Mullen as Vice Master, Bro Debs as R.S. Bro Dodson as F.S. Bro Fox Treasurer, Bro Rugan Warden, Bro Saunders Conductor, Bro Daniels Inner Guard, Bro Wolfe Outer Guard & Bro McVick Chaplain. Bros Bennett Haggert & Thompson were elected Trustees.

Death Claim No 13 amounting to $10.25 was ordered paid.

The following bills were allowed

S M Stevens for two charts $1000

E. V. Debs for entertaining S M Stevens and post stamps $400

Schiller Lodge A O U N for 3 months rent up to July 1st $600

On motion the lodge was closed in due form at 5.30 P M

Close of Meeting Aug 24/79

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