Terre Haute Ind May 25 / 79

Meeting to order at 3.16 PM with Smith in the chair the minutes of last stated meeting was read and accepted. Bro Geo Hasbrook applied for time in which to pay the amount owing the lodge. Moved & seconded that Bro Hasbrook be requested to pay each months dues as it became due, with as much in addition to apply on the old account as he could spare. Carried. The committee on regalias reported and their report was accepted. On motion the committee was discharged with the thanks of the lodge. A bill of $27.00 for repairing regalias and 13 new pieces was allowed. The Recording Secretary was instructed to notify the officers of the Grand Army of the Republic from where an invitation was received to participate in the parade on Decoration day, that their invitation was accepted and that our lodge would be represented. Bros Debs Wolfe & Bennett were appointed as a committee to make all arrangements. On Motion the Rec Sec was notified to invite Lodge No 14 to take part with us. Members present Bros Greeson Debs Smith Fox Bennett Dodson Simmons Snodgrass Thompson Sherburne Saunders & Wolfe. On motion the lodge was closed in due form at 4 oclock PM

Close of Meeting May 25/79

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