Terre Haute Ind May 11/79

Meeting called to order at 3 OClock P.M. The roll of officers & members was called after which the preceding minutes were read and accepted. Moved and seconded that the committee for the purchase of members regalias have our officers' regalias taken to Indianapolis and have them thoroughly cleaned and repaired, and also see at what prices members regalias could be bought. Carried. --- .

A bill of $ 525 due D Bronson for boarding J Anderson and J Wreat was allowed. The former amounted to 75 ¢ and the latter to $ 450.

Moved & Seconded that No 22 of which Bro Wreat is a member be notified of the sickness of that brother and the amount given him for his relief and if that lodge return the money it be accepted if not it be taken from the hands of our lodge. Members present were Bros Thompson J Smith Snodgrass Wolfe Bennett Rugan Saunders Mullen Debs Fox Haggert Southard Simmons also Bro Wreat of No 22. The lodge was closed in form at 4 oclock P M

Close of Meeting May 11/79

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