Terre Haute Ind April 13/79

Meeting called to order by Master Jas Smith at 2.40 P.M. On motion the regular order of business was taken up and proceeded with for the instruction of newly admitted members. Members present were Brothers Smith Dodson Cadle W H smith Witherck Saunders Romans Brannin Fox Haggart Southard Bennett Rugan Simmons Wolfe Debs Mullen Ebbage. Mr Warren Thompson an elected candidate being present was admitted to the order in due form. Moved & Seconded to remit $ 100 for each member in good standing, to the Grand Lodge, according to the constitution, and that the names of all our members be recorded in the Grand Lodge Register. Moved & Seconded that Death Claims Nos 9 & 10 be paid at the same time. Carried. the amount due in each assessment was $ 825 . Amt remitted for balance of Grand Dues was $ 1300 which paid for 41 members. A bill for $ 1025 for a picture of W T Morgan and frame for same was allowed. A bill for 80 ¢ for Box Rent and sending money order to N N Sayre was also allowed. Brother Daniels was appointed as collector on the East End of the Vandalia Line, Brother Flaherty on the West End , and Brother Cadle on the Midland road. On motion the lodge was closed in due form at 5.45 P.M.

Close of Meeting April 13/79

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