Terre Haute Ind Mar 16/79

Meeting called to order at 2.45 P. M. Brother Smith in the chair. Members present were Bros Smith Southard Mullen Fox Snodgrass Debs Simmons Flaherty Cadle Bennett Ebbage Wolfe Myers Saunders Rugan.

The roll of members was called after which the preceding minutes were read and accepted. On motion the visiting committee was authorized to call on Bro Dodson to see if that Brother needed any assistance owing to the sickness of his father.

Henry Fluke applied for membership and a committee consisting of Bros Flaherty Bennett & Saunders was appointed to investigate the Character of the applicant. On motion the F. S. was authorized to remit $ 100 each for members in good standing to the Grand Lodge on account of Grand Lodge Dues. The names of members were to accompany the remittance. The office of Trustee Davis was declared vacant, on account of the inability of that brother to attend meetings, and Brother Wolfe was unanimously elected to fill the vacancy. The following bills were read & allowed John G. Heinl for flowers for Bro Morgans funeral $ 1300. Rev C R Henderson for services at Bro Morgans funeral $ 500. Expenses incurred at Brazil while attending the funeral of Bro Morgan $ 1000. Stationary and 1 minutes book $ 145. Rent up to April 1st   $ 1000. D. Bronson on account of boarding Bro Zahn of No 14 - $ 150. J N Johnson for 2 receipt books $ 172. The committee on resolutions on the death reported. Te same was unanimously accepted and ordered forwarded to the family of the deceased.

On motion a committee consisting of Bros Bennett & Mullen was appointed to have a photograph taken of Bro Morgan deceased, from a negative in possession of the family. ----- On motion the lodge was duly closed at 5 Oclock P. M.

Close of Meeting March 16/79

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