Terre Haute Sunday Feb 16/79

Meeting called to order at 3 Oclock P.M.

Members present were Bros Dodson Smith Debs Fox Flaherty Southard Greeson Sherbourne Wolfe & Rugan

On Motion, Mr Saunders a candidate for admission was admitted to the order before taking up the order of business.

Mr Warren Thompson applied for membership and a committee consisting of Bros Rugan Greeson & Simmons was appointed to investigate the character of the applicant. Moved & seconded to forward an insurance policy to Bro Snabley. Carried.

On Motion Death Claim No 8 was ordered paid. A bill of $ 1210 was presented and allowed. $ 1200 for the arrearage on the magazine account, and 10 ¢ for sending money order to Bro Snabley. Moved & seconded to allow Bro Mullens dues up to Jan 1st / 79 Carried. ---- The meeting was then closed in due form.

Close of Meeting Feb 16/79

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