Terre Haute Ind Jan 19/79

Meeting called to order at 3.30 PM

Bro Southard in the chair. The following members were present Viz; Brannin Bros Southard Snodgrass Dodson Greeson Romans Rugan Myers Mullen Debs Moved and seconded to postpone the regular order of business until after the admission of Mr Simmons who was in waiting. Carried. Mr Simmons was admitted in due form. The preceding minutes were read & accepted. Moved and seconded to appoint a visiting committee Carried. Committee appointed was Bros Rugan Mullen & Mayer. Moved and seconded that the Rec Sec write to the GS & T in regard to Bro Snableys appeal for financial assistance carried. Moved and seconded that visiting committee employ Bro Rugan to wait on Bro Smith and pay him for such services. Carried. The committee of investigation on Mr Saunders reported favorably. The gentleman was balloted for & elected.

Mr Fred Witherck applied for membership --- Committee appt was Bros Myers Dodson & Brannin. A bill presented by E V Debs for stamps and PO Box rent amtg to 360 was allowed.

The meeting was then closed in form

Close of Meeting Jan 19/79

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