Terre Haute Ind Oct 6/78

Meeting called to order by Bro Smith.

The following members were present
Bros Rugan Smith Wolfe Mullen Debs Fox Greeson Southard Benz Morgan Davis Cadle & Bennett. Bro Smith introduced Bro Will N Sayre Grand S & T who then took the position of Master. Bro Sayre gave us some instructions in regard to the future welfare of the B. L. F. Mr. Chas Flaherty having been balloted for was duly initiated into the organization. The magazine question was then introduced by Bro Sayre and was discussed by all members present. The constitution & By Laws was also considered and the same met with general approval. A communication from Bro Snabley was read and on motion was placed on file. The meeting was then closed in due form.

Close of Meeting Oct 6/78

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