Terre Haute Sept 20th 1878

Meeting opened at 8 Oclock by Acting "M" Debs. Brothers present were Mullen Bennett Smith Southard Cadle Hasbrook Rugan Fox, Benz & Debs.

Moved & 2nd that the regular order of "Biz" be dispensed with Carried.

Balloting for admittance of Mr Lee Mayer who was duly admitted.

The following applications were made James Didens and Wm Morgan.

A committee of three Bros Mullen Bennett & Daniels, was appointed to investigate the applicants.

Moved and 2d to meet the 1st & 3d Sundays of each month in future Carried.

Moved and seconded that the expulsion of Bro Mc Gaughey be reconsidered and that he be reinstated until he can be heard from. Carried.

Suggested that Bros Smith & Benz see the renters of the hall and endeavor to get a deduction on the rate they to report at next meeting.

Upon Motion the lodge was closed at 10 Oclock PM

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