Terre Haute Aug 16/78

Meeting called to order at 8.20 PM.

Members present were Bros Smith Ebbage Bennett Mullen Daniels Southard Fox Davis Cadle Wolfe and Debs.

The roll of members was first called, after which the minutes of the preceding meeting were read and accepted.

Election of officers next being in order Bro J. Smith was elected Master by acclamation for ensuing term.

Bro J Southard was elected Vice Master. Bro Debs R. S. Bro Mullen F. S. Bro Daniels asst F.S. Bro Fox Treasurer, Bro Cadle Warden, Bro Bennett Conductor Bro Davis I.G. Bro Wolfe as OG. Bro Brannin as Chaplain and Bros Bennett Ebbage & Davis as Trustees

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