Terre Haute Ind Sunday Dec 30th /77

Meeting called to order at 3 OClock P.M. Members present were Bros W Brannin, Daniels, Romans, Fox, Davis, Greeson, Wolfe, Bennet, Debs, Southard and Mullen, Also Bro James smith of Lodge No 22. The Roll of Officers was called after which the preceding minutes were read and accepted. The application of D. Kelker was read, he being recommended by Bros Mullen Debs Wolfe Southard and Davis, 5 members in good standing, according to the constitution, when a man was not actually employed as fireman at the time of application.

He was duly ballot for, and admitted to both degrees of the order, as per dispensation from Grand Lodge. The bill for advertisement of Gazette was read, and no accepted. Bro Debs was instructed to notify the proprietor of that paper of the same. Moved and seconded to have a ball in the month of April, and that a committee of three be appointed to have full power of making the arrangements. Carried.

Bro Debs as Chairman and Bros W Brannin and Mullen were appointed as the committee. Bro Conrad Spotts was declared expelled for non payment of Dues. The lodge was then duly closed at 5.30 P.M.

Close of Special Meeting Dec 30/77

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