Terre Haute Ind December 23d/77

Special meeting called to order at 3 OClock P.M.

Bro Rugan in the chair. Members present were Bros Rugan Mullen Debs Greeson Condiff Bennet and Wolfe and Southard. the Roll of Officers and Members was called, after which the preceding minutes were accepted. Moved and seconded that Bro Spotts arrearages be put in the hands of Bro Greeson, and be reported upon at the next meeting. Carried. Moved and seconded that Bro Debs write Bro Sayre and ascertain why the reciept for assessment No 1 was not made to read in full, instead of part. Carried. Moved and seconded that the account of each member be made out by the F. S. up to Jan 1st 1878, and that immediate settlement be required . Carried. Moved and seconded to draw $24.00 out of treasurey for the payment of assessments Nos 2 and 3 and quarterly Dues for 1st Quarter ending May 31st/77. Carried. Moved and seconded to charge up each member with 25 ¢ for the payment of quarterly Dues for the 1st Quarter. Carried. Bro Debs read a letter from Bro Sayre regarding L J Bennet he former editor of the Magazine, when it was upon motion unanimously carried that Bro Debs' actions be endorsed by th elodge, and that the lodge was ready to see Bro Debs justified. The meeting was duly closed at 5 Oclock P.M

Close of Special Meeting Dec 23/77

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