Terre Haute Ind Dec 13/77

Meeting called to order by Bro Bennet.

Members present were Bros Bennet Mullen Maucourt Debs Greeson Ebbage and Daniels. Upon motion of Bro Ebbage all members who were in arrears for dues for more then 3 months were declared suspended from all benefits pertaining to the order, until such arrearages were settled. Upon motion it was carried that we hold a general meeting Sunday Dec 23/77 at 2 OClock PM for the welfare of the order. Upon motion it was carried that assesment No 1 in favor of Bro Bartol deceased, be ordered paid. Bros Ebbage Greeson Maucourt Daniels Bennet & Debs then took out Insurance Policies after which the lodge was duly closed.

Close of Regular Meeting Dec 13/77

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