Terre Haute Ind Nov 22/77

Meeting called to order at 8 OClock P.M.

Bro Brannin in the chair.

Members present were Bros Ebbage Maucourt Wolfe Debs Brannin Wolfe Rugan Greeson Bennet & Cadle. Bro Brannin excused Bro Bennet from attending. Bro Ebbage read communication and bill from T H Gazette and Bros Debs and Mullen were appointed to settle the matter and report at next regular meeting. Bro Ebbage was appointed Mag. Agent for balance of term as Bro Romans was unable to fill the office on account of lack of time. Bro M Ganey was declared expelled on account of selling intoxicating liquors. On motion and after considerable discussion it was carried that our next meeting be held Friday Evening instead of Thursday evening on account of Thanksgiving Day.

Bro debs bill for Convention Expenses of $18.55 also 1 Insurance fund book $1.00 Express charges on new works 45 ¢ and Bro Sayres Expenses while in the city of $4.50 were allowed.

On Motion the meeting was closed in due form.

Close of Regular Meeting Nov 22/77

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