Terre Haute Ind Sunday Aug 26-77

Meeting called to order at 240 P.M. Members present were Bros Ebbage, Barr, Southard, Suabley, Wolfe, Greeson, W Brannin, Debs, and Condiff. Bro Smith of No 14 was also present. The preceding minutes were accepted. Bro Debs Bill for donation to Miller and writing material was accepted Amt $15.20 . Bro Ebbage then declared nominations in order for Master, as this meeting was called for that purpose.

Nominations for Master were Bros Brannins Romans Davis and Barr. Bro Brannin recd 4 votes and Bro Romans 5. It was moved and seconded to reconsider this ballot and declare Bro Brannin elected unanimously. carried.

Nominations for Vice Master were Bros Barr Greeson Southard & Davis. Bro Barr recd 4 votes and Bro Southard 5. Bro Southard was declared Vice Master for ensuing term.

Nominations for Rec. Sec. were Bros Debs Daniels & Maucourt. Bro Debs recd 5 votes Bro Maucourt 3 and Bro Daniels 1. Bro Debs was declared R. S. for the following term.

Nominations for Fin Sec. were Bros Mullen Davis Ebbage & Daniels. Bro Mullen recd 7 votes and Bro Daniels 2. Bro Mullen was declared Fin Sec for the ensuing term.

The nomination and election of July 11th 1877 for Treasurer resulted in favor of Bro Bennet, and he was declared as that officer for ensuing term. Bros Daniels Suabley and Barr were elected by acclamation as Trustees for ensuing term. Bro Romans was appointed as Magazine Agent for ensuing term. Bro Maucourt as Conductor, Bro J. Brannin as Chaplain. Bro Rugan Warden. Bro Greeson Inner guard. Bro Davis Outer Guard. Bro Wolfe as Insurance Agent and Brother Ebbage resumed the chair of Past Master.

Bro Debs then read circular from Bro Sayre instructing us to ask recognition from the B of L E Delegate going to the Boston Convention. It was unanimously resolved that we ask no favor whatever from B of L E in no manner and furthermore that we do not want their recognition. Bro Debs was notified to inform Bro Sayre of these actions at once. The communication from Bro Sayre was then read with regard to appointing a committee to visit No 13 and ascertain the standing of their lodge and report.

Bro W Brannin was appointed as a committee of one to investigate above matter and report as soon as possible. The meeting was then adjourned at 5.30 P.M.

Close of Special Meeting August 26th 1877

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