Terre Haute Ind July 11/77

Meeting called to order at 735 P. M. Bro Mullen in the chair. the following members were present. Viz Bros Wolfe Romans Rugan Quiett Mullen Suabley Bennet Debs Davis Ganey J Brannin Mc Vick. The following absentees were found not excusable Viz Bros Benz Condiff & Warren. The order of business was next resumed. the Roll of Officers & Members was called and the preceding minutes were read and approved. 3d Bro Romans reported with regard to the absence of Bro Spotts which report was accepted. 4th - 5th - 6th - 7th - 8th Closed 9th Bros Blair and Austmiller were put to ballot for the offenses of NonPayt of dues and Contempt of Lodge. the each received 12 Black Balls and were declared expelled by the Master. The Master then declared nominations in order for a new Treasurer who was to serve the balance of this and succeeding term. Bros Miller Rugan Bennet J Brannin W Brannin P Snider Southard & Suabley were nominated. Bro Bennet recd 10 votes Bro Miller 1 and Bro Southard 1. Bro Bennet was declared Treasurer The lodge was then closed in due form at 9 OClock PM

Close of Regular Meeting July 11/77

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