Terre Haute Wednesday June 27/77

The meeting was called to order at 810 PM Bro Ebbage in the chair. Members present were Bros Ebbage Mullen Maloney Debs Snabley Barrett Greeson Southard Romans Quiett Brannin Wolfe Daniels & Bennet. Nos 1- 2- 3 & 4 were declared closed 5 The communication from Bro Fox was read and that Bro was found excusable for being in arrears with his dues. Bro Bennet Chairman of the committee on investigation of Bro Mc Vick reported that the accused had promised to pay the amt to Bro Debs the following Pay Day. The committee on Bro Shoemaker reported, and on a ballot of 12 to 2 the candidate was granted a reconsideration. His application was read and laid over until next meeting. Nos 7-8 closed No 9 Moved and 2d to elect delegate for coming Convention Carried. The following nominations were made Bro Debs by Bro W Brannin, Bro Mullen by Bro Debs, Bro Bennet by Bro Romans, Bro Ebbage by Bro Maloney, Bro W Brannin by Bro Maloney, Bro Miller by Bro Snabley.

Nominees Ebbage Mullen and Bennet withdrew which left Bros Debs W Brannin and Miller in the field. The Balloting was then commenced and Bro Debs recd 9 votes Bro Miller 2, and Bro Brannin 2. Bro Debs was declared elected. Bro Bennet was given a traveling card. Moved and 2d that the excuses of Bros Greeson and Southard for absence be accepted Carried. It was resolved to meet Sunday July 8 instead of next Wednesday Carried. The R. S. was instructed to notify Bro Mc Nutt to be here on that day. The lodge was then closed.

Close of Regular Meeting June 27/77

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