Terre Haute Ind June 20/77

Meeting was called to order at 8 OClock P M. Bro Mullen in the Chair. The following members were present Viz Bros Mullen Debs Barret P Snider Bennet Rugan Romans Daley W Brannin Ganey Wolfe and Maloney. The order of business was proceeded with 1st The Roll of Officers & Members was called and all absentees were found excusable except Bros Southard & Greason, who were placed on the list of those required to produce valid excuses by the next meeting. 2d The preceding minutes were read and accepted. The order of business was resumed and when the "Good of the Brotherhood was called for, Acting Master Mullen made the following declarations: Viz Bro J Kerlin Expelled from the Order for Non Payment of Dues and Brother Con Burns expelled for General Principles The business of the order being completed the lodge was closed in due form at 9.30 P.M.

Close of Meeting June 20/77

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