Terre Haute Wednesday May 23/77

Meeting called to order at 7.40 PM. Members present were Bros Ebbage Debs Maucourt Miller Beuiret Mullen Rugan P Snider Snabley Southard & Maloney. Bro Ebbage in chair.

The Roll of Officers and members was called and all members except Bro Mc Vick were found excusable. The minutes of preceding meeting accepted. 3d - 4th - 5th - 6th - 7th Closed 8th Moved and 2d have photographs of delegates framed Carried.

Bro Debs and Bennet were appt as a committee of two, to have this work done. 9th - 10th - 11th Closed 12th the following bill was presented and allowed: Viz To framing the picture of 1 Locomotive $1.90 . The bill was placed on file. 13th closed 14th Bro Bennet read postal from J J Bennet with regard to misplaced Magazines Closed. 15th Closed - 16th The following resolution was offered by Bro Mullen Viz That we allow no more financial benefits to visiting brothers without a unanimous vote of the lodge. This was laid on the table until our next regular meeting. Moved and seconded to appoint a committee of 3 to investigate Mr Shoemaker and report at the close of 1 month. Carried. Bros Bennet, Rugan and Southard were appointed as this committee. The lodge was closed in due form at 9 50 PM

Close of Regular Meeting May 23/77

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