Terre Haute Ind May 9/ 77

Meeting called to order at the usual hour. Bro Mullen was elected to fill the chair during the evening. The Roll of Officers was called and all members were found to be excusable except Bros Warren and Condiff who were ordered by the acting master, to be reported to Bro Ebbage. The preceding minutes were then read and accepted. The order of business was then resumed. The following Bills were allowed To 1 Chair for Bro Romans $7 50, To 25 Blank Applications for Membership $1 00, To repairing of Lock and 1 Key 25 ¢ Total $8 75. After a lengthy debate on the vital parts of a locomotive the meeting was adjourned.

Members present were
Bros Maucourt Miller Mullen Debs
J Brannin Rugan Davis and Wolfe

Correction Made May 16/77

Bros Quiett and Snabley were also found not excusable for being absent.

Close of Meeting May 9 / 77

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