Terre Haute Thursday April 25/77

Meeting called to order at the usual hour. Mr Bennet in the chair. The following members were present Viz Bros J Brannin W. Brannin Mullen Debs Bennet Southard Rugan Davis Wolfe Gresson Quiett & Snider. The roll of Officers & members was called and Bro Maloney was found not excusable. The preceding minutes were then accepted. Moved and 2d that the following Resolution be adopted and spread on the minutes. Viz: That we tender unto Bro Bennet our heartfelt sympathy, in the sad bereavement of his father, and that we do all in our power to comfort him in his deprivation Carried.

Moved and 2d That a committee of three be appointed to see Bro Shoemaker, and inform him that if he conduct himself properly for the space of 2 months he should have the privilege of asking a reconsideration vote. Carried. Bros Debs Southard and Gresson were appointed as the committee. Moved and 2d that this motion be reconsidered and that we wait for an indefinite length of time and see and judge by Bro Shoemakers future behavior. Carried.

        The lodge was duly closed at 955 PM

Close of Meeting April 25 / 77

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