Terre Haute Ind Sunday April 15 / 77

This Special Meeting was called to order at 3 Oclock PM. Bro Ebbage in the chair. Members present were Brothers Ebbage Bennet Wolfe Debs J. Snider Miller Benz Quiett J. Brennan Warren Mc Nutt and Barr.

It was moved and seconded to admit G. Mc Gaughey to membership before proceeding Carried. The candidate was duly initiated into the order. Moved and seconded this be a by law in the future. Viz Any member absenting himself from 2 successive meetings without legal excuse be suspended for 60 days. Carried. Moved and seconded that any member absenting himself from a regular meeting without legal excuse be fined $100 for each offense. Carried. Moved and seconded that it be left to the Masters decision whether an excuse be accepted or not Carried.

Moved and seconded that whether a quorum be present or not at a regular meeting they have the power to enforce the above laws. Carried. Bro J. Kerlin was declared suspended for 60 days for Non Payment of Dues. Upon motion the meeting was closed by the Master.

Close of Meeting April 15 / 77

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