Terre Haute Ind Sunday Aug 13/76

Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B L F

Members assembled were Bros Ebbage - W. Brannin - Warren - Debs - Ganey - P Snider - Barr - Southard - Snabley - Blair - Bennet - Mc Nutt - Miller and Maloney. The following Officers were in stations during session. Bro Ebbage Master - Bro Blair VM - Bro Debs RS. - Bro Bennet FS. - Bro Mc Nutt Treas - Bro Suabley IG - Bro Ganey OG - Bro P Snider Warden - Bro Southard Condr - Bro W Brennan Chaplain and Bro Barr PM. The order of business was then proceeded with. 1st Closed - 2d The preceding minutes were accepted - 3d and 4th Closed - 5th Bro Ebbage urged the Beckwith committee to come to a decision. - 6th 7th 8th 9th Closed -10th Moved and seconded to allow Brothers Burns and W Brennan $1000 Each on account of sickness carried. 11th - 12th - 13th - 14th Moved and seconded that our next delegate be our regular master for the ensuing term Carried. The Election of Delegate and Officers was then proceeded with.

Nominations for the delegate were Bros Kerlin - Ebbage - Blair and A. Mullen.- Balloting resulting in a victory for Bro Ebbage - he receiving 9 votes - Bro Blair 2 - Bro Kerlin 1 and Bro A Mullen 1. Bro Ebbage was declared Delegate and Master.

Nominations for V M were Bros Ganey - Blair - Miller and Kerlin. Bro Ganey recd 2 votes - Bro Blair 9 - Bro Miller 1 and Bro Kerlin 1 - Bro Blair was declared Vice Master.

Nominations for Rec. Secretary were Bros W Brennan Miller Snabley Maloney and Bennet. Bro Brennan recd 3 votes - Bro Miller 1 - Bro Snabley 2 and Bro Bennet 7. Bro Bennet was declared elected but refused to serve and withdrew from the ticket Bro Brennan also withdrew his name.

Balloting was then preceded with for the remaining candidates Bro Miller recd 2 votes - Bro Snabley 5 - Bro Maloney 4 and Bro Snider 2. Bros Suabley and Maloney were then balloted for in order to secure a majority when the result was 7 for Snabley and 6 for Maloney. Brother Snabley was declared Rec Secretary.

Nominations for Fin. Secretary were Bros Southard P Snider Wolf and Barr. On the 1st Ballot Bro Southard recd 5 votes - Bro Wolf 4 and Bro Barr 4. On the 2d Ballot Bro Southard recd 5 votes - Bro Wolf 6 and Bro Barr 2 - On the 3d Ballot Bro Wolfe recd 8 votes and Bro Southard 5.

Brother Wolfe was declared Fin. Secretary.

Nominations for Treasurer were Bros Mc Nutt Barr Ganey Snider Miller and Warren. Bro Mc Nutt recd 9 votes and Bro Barr 2.

Bro Mc Nutt was declared Treasurer.

Nominations for three Trustees were Bros Will Brennan - Barr - Maloney - Ganey - Southard - Miller - Snider and J. Brennan. It was suggested by the Master that the 3 receiving the highest number of votes be elected without further voting. The result stood as follows Bro Brennan 9 - Bro Barr 7 - Bro Maloney 4 - Bro Ganey 3 - Bro Southard 3 - Bro Miller 7 - Bro P Snider 6 and Bro J. Brennan 1. Bros Barr - Brennan and Miller were duly elected but Bro Miller refused to serve and Bro P Snider being the next highest was apptd in his place. Bros W. Brennan - Barr and P Snider were declared Trustees.

Nominations for Condr were Bros Romans - A Mullen - Southard and Maloney - Bro Mullen recd 3 votes Bro Southard 7 and Bro Maloney 3.

Bro Southard was declared Conductor.

Nominations for Warden were Bros Davis - Burns - Warren and Spotts. Bro Davis recd 8 votes - Bro Warren 1 and Bro Spotts 4.

Bro Davis was declared Warden.

Bro Kerlin was unanimously elected Past Master.

Bro Debs
Inner Guard
Bro Bennet
Outer Guard
Bro Maloney
Insurance Agent
Bro Ganey

Upon motion the lodge was closed in due form at 6 OClock P M

Close of Meeting No 85

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