Terre Haute Ind Thursday July 27/76

Meeting opened in form Bro Ebbage in Chair.

Members present were Bros Ebbage Debs Bennet Mc Nutt Miller Blair Southard Romans Kerlin Davis & Snabley Moved & seconded to read propositions of J. Maloney before commencing order of business and if balloting resulted favorably to admit him at once. Carried. the proposition was then read Age 21 years res Indianapolis Occ Fireman Rec by Bros Ebbage and Debs. Balloting resulted favorably he receiving 9 white balls and 1 black. Mr Maloney and Mr Kadel elected candidates were then admitted in due form. Bro Blair was also admitted to new works. Business was then proceeded with 1st Closed 2d Preceding minutes were accepted. 3d - 4th Closed 5th

Bros Suabley and Ganey were apptd in place of Bros Daley and Mc Gerr on the committee to investigate Bro Beckwith. The committee was then instructed by the Master to act as soon as possible and report. 6th Bros Maloney and Kadel were admitted into the order.

7th Closed - 8th Bro Ebbage on the Hall Committee reported that we could not get the new hall. 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th Closed 14th Bro Geo Lyman was declared from the order for Non Payt of Dues, by the Master. The Rec Sec was required to write to Master Mechanic Clifford of the L M R R. and notify him of the Expulsion of Lyman with the cause for same. Bro Ebbage then stated that at our next meeting we were to elect our delegates for the annual convention.

        Meeting was then closed at 9.35 P M

Close of Meeting No 82

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