Minute Proceedings Vigo Lodge B L F

Terre Haute Ind Thursday July 13/76

Meeting opened in due form. Bro Kerlin in Chair. The following Officers held stations during session. Bro Kerlin as Master Bro Benz VM. Bro Debs R S. Bro Bennet FS and Warden - Bro Mc Nutt Treas. Bro Gould Condr - Bro Wolfe IG - Bro Ganey OG. Bro Mc Vick Chap. - Bro Condiff PM. Moved and seconded to ballot for the proposition of James Snabley Age 23 years - Res TH - Occ Fireman Recommended by Bros Ebbage & Southard, and Jacob Romans Res Terre Haute. Occupation Dispatcher I M R R. Recommended by Bros Gould & Debs, and if balloting was favorable to admit them before proceeding with the order of business. Carried. Balloting resulted in each receiving 10 White Balls. They were then admitted in due form. Bro Quiett was also admitted to the new works of the order. The Roll of Officers was then called. 2d The preceding minutes were read and accepted. 3d - 4th Closed 5th Bro Snabley reported that Bro Beckwith could come over from St. Louis, to stand trial, as soon as possible - 6th Closed 7th Closed - 8th Bro Debs reported that he had sent Mrs Blair the amt of $1000, as ordered by the lodge. 9th The receipts of the Evening were $750 10th & 11th Closed 12ththe F. S. and Treas. read their quarterly report as follows. Bro Bennet reported collections from April 1stto July 1st $9925. Transmissions to Treasurer $99.25. with no balances on hand. Bro Mc Nutt reported Amt on Hand April 1st $104.93 - Amt received since that time from FS. up to July 1st $99.25 Total receipts $204.18 - Amt paid out since April 1st $44.15 Balance on hand July 1st $160.03.        The reports were accepted by the lodge. Moved and seconded to appt committee of 3 to see the Engineers, and ascertain if they would not reduce the 7500for the 1st years rent. and if not to accept the hall at that amount. Carried. Bros Ebbage Wolfe and Ganey were appt as this committee. It was then suggested by the Master that the Committee should, necessary, make the necessary preparation for the dedication of the hall. Suggestion by Bro Debs that, Bro Goulds proposal in regard to the time for meetings be postponed until we had the Hall question settled. Approved. On Motion the lodge was closed at 10 OClock PM.

Members present were Bros Ganey Gould Mc Vick Benz Condiff Debs Quiett Suabley Romans Wolf Mc Nutt Kerlin and Bennet.

Close of Meeting No 80

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