Minute Proceedings Vigo Lodge No 16 B L F

Terre Haute Ind July 6th 1876 Thursday

Meeting opened at 8.10 PM. Bro Ebbage in chair. Appts were Bro Benz as V M - Bennet F S. - Wolfe OG - Snider IG - Bro Gould as Warden. The order of business was then proceeded with 2d The preceding minutes were accepted. - 3d Closed - 4th Closed 5th - 6th Closed 7th Closed - 8th Report read by Fin Secretary in regard to the standing of members. Orders given by the Master to write Geo Lyman, and demand of him a part payt at least of his dues. Closed - 9th - 10th Closed 11th The following Bills were presented.

Engineers Hall rent for 3 months up to July 1st  $1000

C Bennet on afe I . M. Collecting Trip              $ 315

E. Debs    "    "   Bro Sayres Expenses          $ 200

These Bills were all allowed.

Moved and seconded to give Bro Debs $1000  with which to buy a money order, and send same to Mrs. Blair Plainfield Ind Carried.

Closed 12th 13th Closed 14th Suggestion by Bro Gould that at our next meeting we take into consideration whether our meetings shall be held once a week or once every 2 weeks, and if we meet once a week whether the fine for absence be 25 cts and if we meet twice a week a week whether the fine shall be 50 cts this was approved. The lodge was then closed on motion.

Members present were Bros Ebbage - Gould - P. Snider - Benz - Wolfe - Bennet & Ganey & Debs.

Close of Meeting No 79

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